As long as you clicked on “About”, you might be interested to know more about my blog.

I might answer to this, by addressing 3 main issues:
Why, What and How


Being a political scientist, and studying political marketing makes me feel responsible for the idea that people have about my field of study. Politics is to be conducted for the good people, but this does not happen. Ideas and policies are not communicated well. With this, I don’t aim to excuse political corruption, but still there is a whole misconception around politics.


POLITICS IN PRAXIS and is an information blog focusing on european & global political affairs. What happens in the whole world and within the European Union really matters!


“Knowledge is power”, according to Francis Bacon, and we do want to become stronger. Elections, decisions, public policy issues are some of the key info everyone should know. International developments is also a part of what my blog will cover as long as we belong to the globalized world. So, USA or Russia (or even South Africa, Australia or the region of Middle East) might be close or far to our homeland but they are actually right next to our european borders. An incident hunders of miles away is not of tiny importance. Through this blog, I want to stress out the importance of our identity. Because we are proud Europeans and because we are members of a global environment!

Keeping these in mind and hoping I was clear enough,
I hope you endorse my blog.