Welcome letter

Hello and welcome to my blog !

It’s about time to introduce myself, right? I promise not to say a lot, I’ll keep it as brief as possible…. (or at least I’ll try)

My name is Symeon Christofyllidis, but everyone calls me “Makis” (so if you want us to be friends, call me Makis, please).
I am from Greece and my hometown is the beautiful, historical Athens.
I have a BSc in Political Science and Public Administration of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.
At this time, I am pursuing my MSc in  Political Marketing of Rome Business School.

I speak 3 languages fluently (English, French, German) and I am learning Italian as well.

I have worked as an Intern for several times at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Athens as well as in political offices. No, I’m not short of the political elite you want to kick and please wish me never to become!

If I had to describe myself in a few words, I would use only one:

Hope this is enough for you to know about me and decide if you want to go this journey together!

That was all!




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